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Why miraDry?

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“I want to send you first to, just like it sounds N-E-V-E-R so, the website that talks about MiraDry systems. It’s a way of treating permanently, destroying the glands, the sweat glands and the odor glands in our armpits. That can be done in the office in 1 hour very comfortably and results in never having to use antiperspirant or deodorant again. I think this is a significant in rode, it’s a new technology it’s something that sits into the greater scheme of what we’re all about looking and feeling your best and to people that have experience a lot of the problems that are represented in the animation that you’ll going to see where Henry, Sheila or Debbie got stained clothing or are embarrassed by the armpit stains after a presentation for people that have experienced times when they really just couldn’t get to the right deodorant and that sort of in the right setting that can be a really big problem obviously this technology represents a big advance.

So, for all of us just for convenience and statistics and numbers have been run we’re actually saving a great deal of money doing this treatment over buying any perspirants, deodorant, not to mention the cost of the staining that some of them cause for clothing especially fine clothing for men and women that occurs. So those cost aside the idea of convenience and comfort and the appearance of not having wet armpits when you take your jacket off or where you wear a nice dress to the outing is as very significant advance as you’ll see represented in this short as animation cartoon.


It’s a bright sunny day and Henry has given his best shot to make those ordinary day at work especial. He has made an impressive presentation that has the secret to double his organization sales. Wow, he has figured out the mystery behind the dwindling sales but he has to still figure out how to get rid of sweat stains and smell in his underarms. In another part of the town, Shelia is about to leave for her saloon it’s scorching outside and she can’t even imagine spending a day without antiperspirant “Oh no” her nightmare has turned into reality because she has run out of her antiperspirant. Meanwhile, a phone call has torted Debbie’s plan make a style statement for tonight’s party, she just heard from her dry cleaner he has not been able to clear the stain and now antiperspirant has ruined her favorite dress seems buying a new dress is on her mind. It’s just like any other day Henry, Sheila and Debbie are spending too much of their money on unreliable antiperspirants and expensive dry cleaning. Unaware of that fact that what they need is around the corner. With MiraDry they have discover the magic to eliminate underarm sweat and odor glands for good. Why would you use a product that only gives you a 20% reduction for 24hours when you could have a 1 hour procedure that gives you greater than 80% reduction forever. The physician places the Miradry device directly on your skin and activates it, through suction it brings your skin and glands closer to the treatment surface where the MiraDry device applies energy while simultaneously cooling and protecting the surface of your skin, the result is the safe elimination of your sweat and odor glands. Hey, don’t worry underarms sweat glands make up only 2% of the millions of sweat glands in your body, following the MiraDry treatment you will sweat normally. Henry, Sheila and Debbie are having the time of their lives after the treatment. Henry is more confident than ever. Sheila doesn’t carry body sprays with her anymore and as they say, if you’ve got it flaunt it. Debbie’s new dress is the talk of the town, they have tossed away their antiperspirants and harsh chemicals forever. All three are clean, fresh and confident, thanks to MiraDry, the sweat stops here.”


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