Clinical Trials Overview

Plastic surgery is constantly evolving thanks to the ingenuity of accomplished surgeons worldwide. In his effort to advance not only his own knowledge and skill, but to advance the specialty of facial plastic surgery as a whole, Dr. Maas regularly participates in clinical trials and publishes peer-reviewed articles related to his research.

“The integration of practical experience with clinical research drives many of the most important advances in facial plastic surgery. By participating in developing and investigating the newest technologies and treatments, I improve the care my patients receive and the education I can give to my peers.” — Dr. Maas

Dr. Maas’ research directly translates to evidence-based decision-making in his private practice. It also informs the expertise he shares with his students at the University of California, San Francisco, his fellows, and his colleagues at conferences throughout the year.

Dr. Maas’ areas of interest include:

  • Neuromodulators and injectable soft tissue fillers
  • Facial aging
  • Improving and accelerating surgical recovery
  • Endoscopic facial rejuvenation
  • Facial implant materials and techniques
  • Reconstructive techniques

Through his research, Dr. Maas does not just provide the highest quality clinical care, he helps create it. This work reflects his commitment to excellence as both a practitioner and an academic, as well as his passion for leadership and innovation in facial plastic surgery.

Are You Interested in Participating in a Clinical Trial?

Joining a clinical trial gives you access to the latest techniques and technologies administered by one of the top facial plastic surgeons in the country. And by participating, you are helping to improve care for generations to come.

For more information about Dr. Maas’ current clinical trials, please visit this page and complete the form.

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