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“The rumors out there regarding traditional methods of facelift are largely inaccurate. Today we can do a variety of different types of facelift surgery, from minimally invasive small incision surgeries to more extensive surgeries all in the same day, all under a light type of anesthesia that requires no long term recovery.

We can have people back into their normal social functioning within a couple weeks after the procedure. The procedure itself is pain free, and the recovery is very comfortable, most people don‘t even have to take pain medications.

For the average patient, by the time we are 40 and getting into our early 50’s, we see significant jowling, the effect of drooping along the jawline and sagging in the mid face area, as well as the neck becoming lax, you just lose your neck angle, and it goes away and starts to looks like a turkey gobbler.

What a lower facelift does is restore the facial contour. A lot of people have the misconception that face lifting is about pulling the face real tight, or that we are coming up on the brow, those are not accurate. What face lifting does, whether it is minimally invasive minor techniques or more extensive techniques, is restore facial contour.

When we do the procedure, these incisions are carefully hidden. They are hidden back behind the hairline, a little incision is made behind the front part of the ear behind the cartilage, and then back behind the ear, and into the hairline. This gives us an incision that is not visible to the average eye; it is all hidden in special areas.

We are not pulling the skin real tight, we are restoring contour by adjusting the SMAS layer. An important concept about lifting is that people look natural, face-lifting looks natural; it does not make you look like you had plastic surgery.”


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Introduction to the Facelift Procedure

Dr. Maas presents an introduction to the facelift procedure, including some before and after photos of patients from San Francisco and Tahoe / Reno.

Are There Alternatives to a Facelift?

Dr. Maas discusses a recent question, “What do most doctors say is the best alternative to a a facelift?” While there is no substitute  that will do exactly what a facelift will do,  there are many alternatives, such as facial fillers, fractional lasers, and chemical peels, which can help disguise aging

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