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Side Effects of MiraDry: Part 2

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“With the new MiraDry system for underarm odor and sweat reduction or elimination of these underarm odor and sweat and remember that 90+% of body odor comes from the underarm area and while at the same time only 2% or less off the sweat glands live under our arms so it has really nothing to do with body’s cooling systems. It is a very disturbing thing to have the big stains under the arms when you take off your jacket as a man or the blouses to the event you’re going to even worse the staining that occurs with some of the antiperspirants and deodorants that are out there, this is a substantial especially the fine clothing this is a very significant thing. Having that eliminated completely from something to be concerned about is very, is a great thing that MiraDry offers. Most people are asking about this because it’s a Mira technology about side effects.

Now, first of all, it’s a microwave, but it’s a controlled microwave in the depth of injury is targeted to where the glands live which is subli-millimeters under or a few millimeters underneath the skin surface. These areas are also populated with some of the hair follicle so one of the side benefits is some hair reduction along with the elimination of the odor and sweat glands which are not the same, there, there are different types of glands. Both of them are eliminated but we see with that then some soreness, some local areas of area or general areas of swelling and there might be actually some focal sore areas that can be there from a few days to even a few weeks afterwards, that’s nothing that can take you away from normal daily activity, the only thing we ask people of the side effects is to reduce aggressive exercises that will cause rubbing of the underarms like long distance running etcetera so we don’t want to irritate the underarm area as that process of underneath the skin healing is occurring, we think that’s really important there’s some soothing gels that can be used or creams, you don’t need to use deodorant anymore so that’s an important part of it, so there’s no irritant effect in that regard and typically those are the main side effects, a little soreness and irritation. There might also be some numbness around the arm that dissolve overtime, that’s a very small number of cases and a handful of patients we haven’t’ seen these but there are recorded cases of bruising which are very small and limited. So, the side effects for this permanent reduction or even elimination of odor and sweating under the arms using MiraDry or the microwave technology are very, very limited and make the upside potential both from the cost, convenience and quality on my stand point is very high.

If you have any questions about the MiraDry system don’t hesitate to visit or you can go to my video blog, leave some questions you can take some photographs, we’re encouraging people and even with our patients to post before and after pictures of the sweaty armpits before and after and we’ll have plenty of those to share with you as those come forward. As always, it’s my pleasure to help you stay looking and feeling your best, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM answering some questions about the MiraDry.”


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