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Side Effects of miraDry: Part 1

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“We’re talking about the MiraDry system from MiraLabs. MiraDry is a microwave energy technology applied with local anesthesia in the office to eliminate odor and sweat glands under the arms. It’s effective typically in one single treatment in the studies, people was very satisfied with that treatment, 82% reduction in sweating, in a very small number of patients a second treatment is requested and certainly it’s something that is always an option of complete is desired and in many patients in a single treatment complete dryness is achieve.

Amongst the question that we get are “What are the side effects? “What the people feel afterward and typically people have a little bit of swelling and numbness under and around the arm where can be a little bit of since of not a pain but of sort of funny sensation probably numbness is the best way to describe it, extending into the lower part of the arm and says in very small percent of the patient that this goes away over time and of course swelling goes away really in a few days from most patients so a little bit of under irritation and swelling is expected, there can be in some cases not commonly with some cases a little sensation of numbness along the underarm area with just swollen under the arm skin, these also have in the studies and in our experience gone away within again a few days.

The chance of bruising is very, very small so not that people are predictably looking under your arms but that’s a consideration also but in general for a treatment that provides immediate reduction in sweating that significant and odor for the underarm and this is very limited side effects and really very manageable, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best answering some questions about the MiraDry.”


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