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miraDry – A Procedure to Stop Sweating

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“Part of looking your best is feeling your best. In recent days, there’ been new technology coming out that’s addressing a problem and it’s really huge in the United States affecting almost 400 million people and this is called hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis is where the body is producing too much sweat and often it’s very localized, areas like the hands or armpits, areas where you take your jacket off and they’re staining at the shirt or blouse for women, shaking hands with people is uncomfortable and up until recently really Botox, Dysport or Xeomin these products that require injections has been the only options to address these things.

When you’re talking about 400 million people, 3 to 5 % of the population we’re talking about a huge number of people and over the years and in fact, historically a surgical procedures were done with the 4 academy, a cut that went in to the chest wall that actually cut the sympathetic nerve that causes this excessive flooding it’s not actually something people take control it’s something that a genetically predetermined and now there’s some really new technology that’s coming out and addressing both this which is called hyperhidrosis which is excessive sweating and Bromhidrosis which is where people have excessive body odor. And of course, the problem with body odor is that many people can’t smell themselves and so it’s one of those things that become a social issue for many especially on this country where we’re not used to that kind of thing.

Again, we’re talking about the new technologies, there’s one exciting new technology called MiraDry from Miralabs that address this issue using microwave technology. As it currently stands while others with indication thing being looked at, the underarm area, the auxiliary area is the area that’s targeted treatment this is done with local anesthesia in the office it’s a simple machine and it’s using a cooling surface with a light suctions of the armpit after careful marking and giving local anesthesia microwave energies deliver in a very sequential fashion that completely destroys the sweats and odor producing glands most of those odor producing glands are in armpits so it makes you dry and small better for the long term. Up for a lot of people even if you don’t have hyperhidrosis or excessive body odor this will be a great option to be able to throw away deodorant and always count on smelling good and being dry in your clothing. There’s a lot of excitement about this technology, i think it’s a long wait still to go with it looking at hand and other areas that are affected but for the time being there’s something that takes 30 or 40 minutes as an office treatment that offers a little bit of soreness and recovery but no wound healing or real downtime, this technology from MiraDry is something that I think is exciting.

If you have any questions about the MiraDry procedure, you can certainly go to, you can submit pictures, photos, your own personal experience you want or our smash light that’s called and find out more information. I encourage you to do that as always, I’m very happy to help you keep looking your best and feeling your best, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM.”


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