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Laser Hair Removal Procedure

“I’m really glad to be able to talk about some new technology that is here in our office, it’s called ultra high speed laser hair removal. The DUET™ machine is a way of doing laser hair removal in a very fast fashion, with a minimum of discomfort and pain. Topical numbing and cooling is typically not even need, for those that have had laser hair removal before, you know it can be a little bit uncomfortable. With these newer technologies, we can make it completely comfortable for patients and get an entire back, or entire legs done on the patient within a very short period of time, and have you on your way.

To get in the technology just a little bit, I wanted to show you about hairs. This is a diagram or a cross section of our skin:


As you can see, here is the skin surface is at the top and the hair follicle lives deep within the skin itself. When we are doing laser hair removal, the laser rays penetrate the skin and target the hair bulb. When that hair bulb is heated gently, it doesn’t touch the surrounding skin or heat it, or if anything minimally heats it, the hair bulb is destroyed, which is what gives us persistent or long lasting reduction, or complete hair removal.

Hair removal in its traditional methods, with electrolysis, waxing and other methods have plenty of problems, and people know about the little bumps and lumps that happen with doing these things. People can get irritation with shaving, so doing these procedures and making them very cost effective with the high speed laser that we have called the DUET™ is a great option for people who want an effective, long term reduction of hair in any area of the body.”

If you are interested in this procedure, please visit The Maas ClinicTM website to learn more about laser hair removal in San Francisco or call (415) 567-7000


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