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Is There Any Downtime for miraDry?

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“With the MiraDry system, microwave technology and office space treatment that’s used under local anesthesia to eliminate odor and sweating that’s coming from an underarm it’s the staining that you see on your shirts and blouses. It’s the most significant source of body odor from under your arms. Like 90% of body odor comes from the underarm area this treatment is something that is going to change our lifestyle in a significant way and many questions are being asked about it including ones about normal activities what one can expect? That, typically we ask people to reduce the vigorous exercise for a few days after until it heals especially running or the arms with the moving back and forth causing a lot of friction and potentially irritation but generally exercise doesn’t have to be stop.

These are just about reducing irritations because typically people are going to have a little underarm irritation for a few days, they might experience a little bit of swelling and/or numbness around the armpit area and so we just want to take care of that in the immediate days after the treatment. So well normal activity and lifestyle is typically resumed, but one thing we asked is to decrease aggressive running and exercises where there’s extreme on movement for a few days it could cause further irritation just from the friction or rubbing effect. If you have any other questions about Miradry systems or not sweating again under the arms you can visit or visit my website, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best.”


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Introduction to the Facelift Procedure

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