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Clear + Brilliant Introduction – Non-Ablative Laser Skin Care

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I’m really excited to talk about a brand new laser technology today, it’s called Clear + Brilliant. And what makes it exciting is where it fits in our overall skincare program, the program for our patients. On the one end of the scale with lasers we have ablative laser resurfacing which I talked a lot about and with ablative laser resurfacing we’re actually purposefully injuring the skin surface, creating a wound if you will and that wound healing process is really what makes the skin better. So the laser is simply a tool to injure the skin surface. Along with ablative laser resurfacing of course comes time for healing or downtime which we like to avoid if we can in patients who don’t want that recovery period. We’d like to get better fast and still see some improvements.

Historically light facial peels have been the way that we addressed that type of patients, someone that wants minimum downtime and in addition which I think is really important wants better penetration effectiveness of the skin care program that they’re using at home with Retinoids that we’ve talked about, the use of vitamin C, cream, moisturize vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid.

What’s exciting about Clear + Brilliant system is that it’s a non-ablative laser meaning there are no superficial wounds or minimal superficial injury meaning a little redness but we’re creating little conduits by doing non-ablative lasers or actually creating a small conduits or little channel bellow the skin surface which stimulates collagen regeneration that’s collagen neogenesis which also creates a conduit or pathway for the delivery of our skin care products at home and most importantly stimulates another wound healing process without actually wound happening. So that’s where Clear + Brilliant is and really for me an exciting area to talk about.

We’ve had number of different lasers that have come in to the Serena of non-ablative laser resurfacing some are fantastic, some offer very little benefit and I want to take a few minutes just to talk about why I think the Clear + Brilliant system works for our patients and fits in to that special nitch where people don’twant to have downtime, don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to see a good improvement in their skin color, tone and quality, that’s really what Clear + Brilliant is all about.

Laser skin resurfacing we know is a technique we’ve use for many years in using fractional laser with active and deeper effects would be a way of minimizing a downtime to 4 or 5 days where it used to be weeks even months of recovery with lasers and now we’ve going to step further with clear and brilliant and having a no downtime, no recovery fractional laser resurfacing technique which really is an excellent inner mid-area between light peels and then the deeper full laser resurfacing that we talked about extensively and the principle of this is that we’re delivering laser energy to the deeper layers of the skin without injuring the skin surface which can improve the tone quality, radiance and appearance of the skin and then in particular with the skin pigment and really is a great way of maintaining your skin without having any downtime.

The system itself is brilliant in this design in using certain wavelengths of laser energy and a very simple and ergonomic system that both the providers as well as our patients like where the hand pieces are design to deliver energy again to this blares of skin below this gratum core and below that surface layer and into the epidermis and dermis layers and allow us to get the energy to stimulate collagen remodeling. This is done through a coordinated hand piece that allows to the delivery of energy in a pattern that allows very uniform delivery across the entire skin surface. We can do this across the face, the neck, the hands, chest, really anywhere on the body where we want to see skin improvement and tone texture quality and pigment in particular and once the device is applied across the surface the provider gets the feedback that we’re working at the right speed, provide the right density of little dots of thermal energy that cause some damage just enough to stimulate the wound healing in their modelling face.

The second form of this which is really just another hand proof pieces that permia system which actually creates a little channel below the skin surface for the delivery of our skin care products and I have my own design that we use at skin care products that really attack those unwanted pigment at the areas and again stimulate collagen remodeling, collagen neogenesis meaning the formation of new collagen and more regular division of the cells, more regular surface, texture which evens and smooths the skin surface out.

So the exciting part about this is it can be both a treatment and a maintenance therapy. It’s one that consistently delivers a big improvement in the skin surface as evidence by a number of this studies that look at the tone, texture and overall appearance of the skin and improvements better dramatically seen.

In patients that I’ve had as few as 1 treatment, we see big improvements and skin pigment and the radiant so the skin and both brown and red color can be improve when we look at this. It can be really done in younger or older patients and in fact we see dramatic improvements even in patients that have difficult processes like melasma or the pigment discoloration associated with hormones.

If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to reach and we’ll be happy to give you more information about the Clear + Brilliant non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing system. As always, it’s my pleasure to talk about this new technologies and different ways of keeping yourself looking your best, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM.


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