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Is miraDry painful?

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“One commonly asked question about the treatment for underarm sweating known as MiraDry is a microwave technology that’s applied under the arm, the surface cooling under local anesthesia in the office. So, it’s an office treatment, it’s about an hour-ish performed, is a very comfortable treatment, once local anesthesia is achieved in a very simple little tiny injection needles very simply done, really very, very small amount of discomfort with local and the treatment itself therefore is completely pain-free. Once the numbing is in, people feel little-to-no discomfort whatsoever.

So, when people ask me about discomfort it really is not about the treatment itself, it’s about the local anesthesia and this really comes down to the quality and that expertise with the provider that you have for Miradry. There are very, very tiny needles we can use for infiltration and doing with the technique that we’ve describe with what’s called tumescence allows for very high levels of complens at first injection or with a couple of series of injections are done it’s just a little pin prick if you’ll ask me it’s very comfortable and actually the local anesthesia makes the treatment completely pain-free as I mentioned earlier. You’ll feel nothing just a little bit of pressure and that’s treatment is completed and the local anesthesia wears off, there’s a little bit of soreness under the arm that can last for several days and as we’ve mentioned before we encourage people to reduce the big risk arm moving exercises like long distance running and things that can cause you rubbing under the arms for a few days just to allow to heal you. You don’t have to completely eliminate exercise, people can go back in normal activities but we don’t want things that can further irritate the underarm area, I’ll go put some soothing lotion on it, you don’t have to use anymore deodorant, you don’t have to worry about that part of it and there’s some calming gels at the motions that put under the arms that promote the process of irritation with healing that’s happening under the skin surface.

Remember, the technology itself is targeting the load of the skin, the glands if the surface of the skin is cooled there’s typically only irritation to the skin surface and some hair reduction , this is one of the side benefits of Miradry in fact in many practices they’re using it for hair removal also and while we think of this as the side benefit, it is not as profound as certainly as what we see with laser hair removal, but a little reduction and underarm hair is not bad for any men and women and that’s the side benefit to the Miradry system along with the comfort that we talked about using local anesthesia. If you have any questions about Miradry please don’t hesitate to write me or visit the website and find out more about Miradry and never having body go sweating again, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM.”


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