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What are Platysmal Bands?

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One of the commonly asked questions that I have is, especially in people have had previous face lift or neck lift surgery coming in for the first time, is about the thick cords or bands that are in the neck and are they normal and should they be there and frankly they are normal structures, the thick cords or bands are called platysmal bands and what happens with those muscle bands is that there’s a three thin sheet of muscle that envelops the entire neck and in particular in the midline, the muscle begins to separate and punch into a cord, they’re usually paramedian or on each sides sometimes you’ll even see them on the sides of the neck and these bands or cords of the platysma are not important it’s the grimace muscle that we’re talking about and it is a very large setiv muscle.

When I do a face and or neck lift I’m always elevating the skin if we identify any banding and I’ll find and cut the bond. Will like to elevate the skin in the entire neck and actually saw the bands or cords together upto midline here this is called the corsi platysma plasty and there’s some potential advantages to that but also can create some bunching of the skin.

Where to have the vectors of elevation coming from behind where the skin is just pristine in the neck, there’s no bunching, there’s no heathering effect there and so by going underneath the skin identifying the platysmal bands and cutting them right at the what we call the cervical mental junction right where the chin meets the neckline or re-erasing the band or eliminating that neck cord and at the same time we’re preserving a nice smooth skin contour to the neck.

Plastysmal bands or cords of muscle on the neck are often very disconcerting for people, there are very easy options for managing them and some of them are surgical, some are non-surgical actually Botox, Dysport and Xeomin can treat these also.

So if you have any questions about platysmal bands or their treatment or if you have platysmal bands after surgery you might want to go back to your surgeon and ask if you can get those improve. This is Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best.


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