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Is Feeling Tightness After a Facelift Normal?

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“One of the questions I get very commonly is about the tightness that people feel after face or neck lifting surgery and it’s a really interesting paradox because early in the procedure when there’s swelling in the recovery period of first weak or so most of the swelling is resolving and even the ensuing weeks people will feel some tightness to the skin and the neck and the face area and when that occurs I remind people because 3 months later when the skin starts to return to some laxity and some looseness you’re going to say I wish I’d felt tight again like you did right after the procedure.

So this tightness is really a transient phenomenon that’s related to the post-surgical changes a little bit of swelling and the recovery period, the inflammation that’s going on and it’s certainly something that resolves itself overtime and one that’s still recovery is very short with neck lifting and within a weak to 10 days with the lower face lifting people are able to return to normal function and that tightness that one feels is really a temporary sort of phenomenon that doesn’t hurt and it’s something that a lot people wish they could have going on forever. It’s a temporary setback or side effect to the procedure, something that you’re going to expect to go away. This is Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best.”


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