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How to Deal with Crepey Neck

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“I wanted to talk a little bit about neck lift. I had another patient today that was asking about the crepey skin on the front of their neck around their throat and I do think that neck lifting procedures, it’s really a lot like putting your fingers below your ears and pulling the skin back. You can see the improvement yourself both on contour and in increased skin tone and the lack of laxity the other certainly improvement in crepey skin and that redundancy that’s there. It doesn’t mean that every wrinkle goes away but a neck lift surgical procedure that involves incisions behind the ear that can be done under local sedation or a light sleeping anesthesia is a reliable way of improving that contour and improving the crepey skin on the neck,  it can also be accompanied by things like laser resurfacing to further improve the necks skin quality and reduce the crepey neckskin and contour of the neck.

If you have any other questions about neck lift surgery or face lift in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us at DrMaas.com, you can send photos, videos and even questions and share them publicly or privately. This is Dr Corey Maas on looking your best”


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