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Big trend in plastic strategy or aesthetic surgery specifically has been people traveling to get the quality of care that is offered here in the US specifically in San Francisco and for us at The Maas clinic we have patients from all around the world that come to the Maas ClinicTM and we call that aesthetic care tourism. We have a wonderful set up for that, I do virtual teleconsultations with people from all over the world that’s as simple as a phone call or a computer request and we can have you on screen with your images, I can show you before and after results which you can look like before and after, we have fantastic referral partners that are some of the best breast and body plastic surgeons in the United States that are locally affiliated where we can do also joint care with them if it’s all face or skin and that opportunity exist for really anybody in the world so if they were looking for the best care in the world or specific procedures that we offer expertise in, I’m very happy to talk to anyone and get a virtual consultation.
Many of our patients come with their families who enjoyed the Napa Valley, the fantastic sites and sound of the city in San Francisco or travel south to Monterey or even further to Yosemity to see the natural beauty that surrounds us here in San Francisco and our patients for the most part during recovery have the opportunity to do a lot of these things themselves. They feel well might need a little disguise, some sunglasses and a hat but certainly are up to a lot of these activities also.
My Lake Tahoe office of course offers those who come with their families, the opportunity to have them go skiing or snowboarding or snowmobiling doing all the great winner sports and still have a very comfortable and nice stay while their family’s enjoying the fantastic sights and sounds of Northern California’s beautiful mountain area in Tracy California.
San Francisco is a fantastic City for this. Most of the airlines it’s a direct flight or a hub at the most one connection. The City itself is magnificently beautiful which is a big part of the opportunity that people have in coming here and we have local hotel partners either a luxury hotels or some fantastic boutique hotels that are right here in the pacific heights, the beautiful exclusive part of San Francisco’s residential and hotel area that can put people up for short as a few days or as long as a week or more. We also have apartment’s available and local apartment even available that has magnificent views for longer stays and people wish to stay for more than 5 to 7 to 10 days depending on the procedure they’re seeking.
In addition, we have driver services, black sedan is one of our driver and of course the local Uber company works very well with us so the drivers, the hotels, stay accommodations for shorter or longer term stays, the virtual consultation and of course the post-operative care. We have a series of post-operative care providers that I’ll be more than happy to take care of you along with us and our team here at the clinic during your recovery from whatever procedure you might have.
So medical tourism as its described is growing trend and many people are coming from all over the world to the US to get this care but most specifically for aesthetic care tourism which we’re most interested in. Patients are really coming from all over and we really have that set up so that it’s easy for you coming in from wherever you might be coming in from, whether you’re coming in from Los Angeles or Modesto, New York, Singapore or Saudi Arabia the system is set up for you to make it easy, comfortable and to have you returning home with the best vacation you’ve ever had looking your best.
If you have any questions about aesthetic care tourism please don’t hesitate to visit our website @MaasClinic.com, you can certainly always call us and I’m very happy to do a consultation, a virtual consultation with our patients or prospective patients. As always this is Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best.”


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Introduction to the Facelift Procedure

Dr. Maas presents an introduction to the facelift procedure, including some before and after photos of patients from San Francisco and Tahoe / Reno.

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