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The Maas ClinicTM in Reno / Tahoe

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I wanted to take a minute to welcome all of our patients to my Tahoe office. We’re very fortunate to have two great offices, one in beautiful and fantastic City of San Francisco right here at Pacific Heights and another beautiful office setting in Lake Tahoe and that’s in the historic town of Truckee, California which many people know as the Northern portions of the Ski resorts for off of the Lake including Squaw Valley, USA where the Olympics are held and North Star and even the Northern Rose Mountain which serves a lot of the Eastern part of Lake which is Nevada and Tahoe for me is beyond just a great people that live in and around the Tahoe basin and we know Tahoe its really only 30 minutes up the hill drive door to door from the Suburban areas at Reno to my office so i have a lot of Reno patients that come up to see me and the sort of have the California experience in terms of aesthetic surgery and outcome so I’m really honored that they make the 30-minute drive of course in the Bay area, I have many patients to drive for much longer periods of time but much shorter distance because of the traffic and the congestion that we have in the City. But our Tahoe office is located on the Donner Pass Road which also is a very historic road and part of the original trail that led to the gold Russia areas of the Mountains in the Southern region of the California foot hills and we’re very pleased to have an office there that again that serves the entire Reno, Tahoe area and I’m very, very happy to be there not only for the patients but for the natural beauty and the inspiration that it gives all of us to be in an environment like that.

So all of our patients have the option of making an appointment and I have a lot of people who have second homes there and so they’ll come in the summer or in the winter if they’re up Skiing and making appointment in my Tahoe office on Donner Pass Road or they’ll make a new appointment in the City. All my patients have both options either or the Tahoe Forest hospital in Truckee, California is a very beautiful hospital and you know has world class facilities and really great consulting physicians that i worked with, I’m proud to be on staff there just as I’m proud to being on staff at California Pacific Medical Center here in the City and many, many of my colleagues and physicians here at California Pacific Medical Center just like me were long time professors at UCSF and many of them like me are still clinical professors at the University of California at San Francisco.

So I wanted to say hello and make sure everybody knew and we’re inspired if you want to come to the Tahoe office. A lot of times it seems [Inaudible [00:03:24.27] appointment in the Tahoe office there’s not the quite the length, the waits for initial consultations in most cases and I’m happy to do most of our services there. Many of our patients if you want to have surgery up there, the surgery center at Tahoe Forest Hospital is a magnificent beautiful facility obviously many people come down to the City to use the San Francisco rejuvenation center not only for the close benefits but the quality of the equipment and the surroundings and the privacy that it offers and we obviously have overnight stay options here that are many. We have overnight stay having breakfast options and a set up with the caretakers, we have 2 or 3 very nice local hotel environments that give our patients special consideration for cost and service so I’m happy to offer all those.

In the end if you have any questions about our offices in San Francisco or Lake Tahoe please don’thesitate to call or send an email, send a photo of your images if you’re interested in the video teleconsultation and as always it’s my pleasure to speak with you, Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best.”


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Introduction to the Facelift Procedure

Dr. Maas presents an introduction to the facelift procedure, including some before and after photos of patients from San Francisco and Tahoe / Reno.

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