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How Much Does Hair Transplantation Cost in San Francisco?

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“I’ve got a commonly asked question that I not know I could see in the practice with the parties and all kinds of things with the social gatherings that I’m at and that is “How much does hair transplantation procedure cost?” and I’ll give you the clip notes.

In the metropolitan areas and with an expert surgeon it’s somewhere between $5 and $15 sometimes as low $4, $4 to $15 let’s say per hair graft. It’s usually done by the graft and that’s for a simple reason, if the more hair as you do the more efficient it is for the hair transplantation center. We have, in my center three hair cutting stations with microscope magnification and special lighting. I hire the technicians, they’re all expert, they’re working on cutting the hairs into follicular units if you do follicular unit extraction they’re cutting away the unneeded areas of body tissue etc. to design the perfect graft so the hair that will placed in it in and also separating the thicker hairs from a finer hair, the finer hairs go along the frontal hairline and in the temple area the thicker hair grows more in the crown area and then in the frontal portion of the scalp behind the frontal hairline.

So those sorts of subtleties are what make the difference between fantastic outcome and average outcome or even poor outcome in some cases and I think the difference really for us is if we have to [Inaudible [00:01:41] cutting hairs and assisting and preparing all that is this thing that we do in the transplantation that will rat the table then that whether that they’re for an hour or they’re there for 5 hours really doesn’t make that much difference, getting them there, getting all the equipment’s set up is really the main cost, but if you do 2 or 3,000 grafts which is a what we call the big sessions and mega sessions for hair and that’s enough to take a thoroughly bald guy on the frontal and temple area, the frontal and the crown areas and make them not a bald guy anymore. Those typically have three tech issues and they’re very efficient in assisting and getting those hair prepared ready to go in getting that hair transplant.

So when we do that really the difference between 500 and 2,000 is for only time and that’s why we make people comfortable during the procedure and keep the cost down as much as we can so that its a comfortable procedure that’s affordable.

There are one caveat I would say with the newer hair transplantation the techniques are evolving like the artist hair robot which is an interesting technology and certainly come a long way in the last few years and I think we’ve got a way to go but its pretty exciting the advancement they’re making the head is fixed in a very locked position the robot uses a camera and sort of guide it and it takes its own punch graft which is how we do FUE technique where we have to stitch hair individually leaving behind a tiny little 1 millimeter hole if you will in the back of scalp where it will heal by itself and that robot does the same thing and then transfers the hair to a pre-determined area in the front of the scalp or along the hairline.

Exciting, its got some of the patients do it, it’s a little bit more expensive but in general I think that the hair transplant being in the less than 2,000 range you can see quotes as low as $15,000 for the robot, certainly much more expensive than it would be for us doing that many hair in our technique but for a robotic technique that’s a very, very expensive technology it’s understandable and it’s a little more.

I think it’s exciting that we’re moving the robots forward. It’s a newly, even better, more efficient techniques and technology with robot I think you’ll see more and more people doing them. There’s not an advantage in the artistry that really comes down to the individual surgeon so for now I still think the best technique come down to FUT techniques the larger hair in some smaller cases FUE techniques. So I’m excited to talk about hair and in general the more you do the less it cost then it certainly a very rewarding procedure. As always it’s my pleasure to help you really look in your best, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM.”


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