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Fat Injection Preparation

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“So this is our technique for harvesting. We’ll use the 5 ml slickoma cannula blunt-tip and we’ve already harvested the fat obviously but I’ll insert that into the tissues and once it’s sub q we’ll put negative pressure on this and just pull it out I don’t use a clamp to attach it and you know, nice even strokes will allows us to get good fat harvest and once that’s done we end up with the syringe that’s got bloat blood a little bit as you can see these are now it’s separated there’s a fat at the top with serum and blood at the bottom, and I really let them sit for an hour or so.

I don’t do centrifuging and then I can squirt the extra blood out so that we don’t have any residual serum or blood there, which is quiet inflammatory, and then once I have my separated syringes as demonstrated here, and this is just pure fat it’s beautiful fat right here I’ll screw this in place and we’ll go back and forth very gently.

The key to the fat survival is making sure that you’re using really gentle techniques to assure that the fat survives and then I’ll go back and forth here just real gently with our cannula and syringe and we’ll get that here out of there, first here, and we just want to go back pull really gently with this and get a nice tuberculin syringe with this fat flowing very nicely and once that’s done I’m going to use our “introducer needle” which has got a size port on it and if you want to zoom on that you can see that little bit steep the side quart.

I don’t want any traumas comes out of the side we’re doing a funny technique basically intramuscular or perimuscular to get maximum contraction of that and then you have to push on a little button to make it focus. So maximum, we’re introducing it and I’m going to demonstrate that in just a minute. Alright? So I’m going to apply this needle tip here and then we’re ready to go with a little Levin blade, we’ll be totally ready.”


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