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Brow Lift Procedure

“Typically with aging, and even in our mid thirties, the brow with gravity effects begins to sag down. You see heavier brows, the eyelid skin begins to hood down over the eyes, and people just get sort of a worried or tired look about them.

The older techniques of addressing this issue were called coronal brow lifting techniques, and they were quite extensive with an incision that went across the entire head. The entire forehead was peeled down or incisions were made along the frontal hairline in a wavy fashion.  In some cases those are important and may still be applicable if (the person) has a high hairline, but for the most part the newer techniques we have developed allow us to make tiny little incisions back behind the hairline and use what is called an endoscope, a lighted telescope.

Through those little incisions with the lighted telescope, I can place that down underneath the sagging tissues and elevate everything through that tiny little incision that is sagging down. I can identify the muscles that typically are injected with BOTOX that create the frown line, and reduce their strength by simply doing a little bit of cutting, we certainly don’t need them, that is an option for all the patients, and then we simple elevate or restore the brow to a more youthful position with an upward and outward vector.

That upward and outward vector of pull is maintained with a tiny little drop of biological glue, there is no drilling in the skull which is done by many centers, just a little drip of biological glue that goes away in a very short period of time, and that holds the brow in place until it is totally healed. That healing process really takes only about a week, there is swelling in the upper brow, there can be a little bit of bruising around the eyelid itself, but typically people are back doing their normal social functions within a couple weeks after this surgery.

With the incisions being so small there is nothing really to see in terms of the healing process, and you can restore a brighter more youthful, more alert, and awake look in a very short period of time with an outpatient procedure that doesn’t take more than an hour.”


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Introduction to the Facelift Procedure

Dr. Maas presents an introduction to the facelift procedure, including some before and after photos of patients from San Francisco and Tahoe / Reno.

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