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Xeomin Treatment Experience

“We are inviting our patients and patients we haven’t seen before to participate in this program evaluating a new neuromodulator or botulinum toxin that is similar to BOTOX® called Xeomin.

Xeomin is a product that has been approved in Europe for a number of years. It is a neuromodulator very similar to BOTOX®, the difference is that it has less of the surrounding proteins however the active molecule is identical.

The data and research for Xeomin has shown very similar effects to BOTOX®. The dosing and the administration are identical, and our early experience with treating a number of patients with it has been quite favorable. Patients like it, the treatments seem similar, the outcomes seem very similar, and what we are really looking to do is evaluate how this product performs when we compare it to BOTOX®.

For people that are interested in the Xeomin Treatment Experience, whether you are an existing patient or a new patient, we will ask you a few extra questions compared to a normal treatment so that we can evaluate the scale of the severity of lines. We will treat up to three area, and we have priced it inexpensively to encourage participation for the first 50 patients.

The cost for the first Xeomin Treatment is $150, and for additional treatments areas, it is $100, which means you can do an entire upper facial treatment for under $400, which should very attractive to a lot of people.

Again, so far we have seen very good results, it is an approved FDA product so this is not an experiment, it is a product that has been approved and looked at for safety and efficacy and effectiveness by the FDA. We are excited about it, and are inviting all of our patients to come in and give Xeomin a try. We look forward to seeing you at the clinic.”

If you are interested in learning more about Xeomin in San Francisco, please call The Maas ClinicTM at (415) 567-7000


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Introduction to the Facelift Procedure

Dr. Maas presents an introduction to the facelift procedure, including some before and after photos of patients from San Francisco and Tahoe / Reno.

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