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Will My Lips Even Out After Fillers?

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“We’ve had a lot of events this week and people coming in to get their lips just perfect for the events and I think it’s really important number one that we keep lips natural. I’ve spoken about this many times before but the enhancements really are Vermillion Border enhancement and I don’t mean overdoing it because it can look too sharp and too cut and then body enhancement on the lip that gives a little more fullness and there’s a big distinction between enhancing a lip and making it look more attractive and making it look like a bee stung and I think we’re seeing way too much of that now which is unattractive, it’s recognizable and I think what people think about injectable fillers for the lip enhancement is that everyone looks like they’re bee stung. There are a handful of patients that really want to look, have that bee stung look, it’s not really natural on most, there are some people who can get away with it but in general we want to I  make great, nice fullness, it’s natural with border definition and that’s really in nicely enhanced lip.

I’ve seen a number of patients come in at the same time and this time period that have had bumps or irregularities or a symmetries in their lips so they’ve been told “[Inaudible [00:01:24] go away and get better in the end” and truthfully while you can see a symmetries with these bruising. Number one, if you get bruising on the one side of the lip more than the other the side where the bruising has occurred is going to be a little more swollen. Bruising in the lips is unusual, I rarely see it except maybe a little pin point bruises so out to be a tip off if you have a lot of bruising that you’re not going to get the best result sets up a lot of information and creates some lumpiness all by itself just the blood not being in a blood vessel creates inflammation.

If a patient has, and I’ve seen a couple of these too, lumps or bumps either in the lip body itself or along the border those should be treated immediately in my opinion, those are things that don’t need to be massage out or worked real hard and I’m talking about ones that are significant. Occasionally someone will be able to barely feel when they rub their thumb and forefinger around an area a very slight bump but you can’t see it, that doesn’t have to be treated. It’s better to keep the fullness there and not paid to get it taken away but the beauty of the HA materials that we use Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Belotero, there’s a nice list of them is that they are completely reversible with a little injection in a small enzyme. So if we do see patients coming in that are complaining of having them treated having bumps or irregularities I really immediately treat it in most cases, the bumps and irregularities I look for symmetry if there’s still bruising existing although we can’t get that bruising down because that all by itself can make one side look more swollen that the other but if there’s clearly more volume in one side than the other it’s very simple to fix that usually it’s reducing the volume on this side that’s over treated or in the case of the side that’s under treated adding a little bit more to create symmetry. Symmetry balance are very important concepts in lip enhancement and really are the keystone of a natural result.

So if you have those problems or questions about lip enhancement or augmentation that’s like to send me photographs I’m more than happy to comment, if you like to share them either it’s just your lips, share them publicly it’s a great learning experience for those that are seeking in it and those that have that experience I’m happy to talk about it, it really underscores the need to go for doctors that have great experience in lip enhancement and augmentation selecting the right material and proper technique in place. This is Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best.”


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