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What is the Cost of Kybella?

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“I’m getting inundated with calls and emails and broadcast or text messaging from and about the Kybella product. Kybella is deoxy cholate, I think we’ve done some work in describing how it works and as the principal investigator for the FDA trial and somebody that actually went and presented the data with the FDA about our experience here, I may little talk about it in terms of its longevity, its on-set of action, how it works, how it feels and whatnot and I think that’s really important for people when something new comes around. And one of the most common questions is “What is it cost?” and I don’t think the Kythera company came out with a very good model. A lot of people are actually just doubling the price if you will of the product and that may or may not be a good strategy its I think at this way of doing it its very inexpensive so it’s a really good opportunity for the consumer, someone that’s interested again in reducing the fat under the neck or chin line here and getting some skin tightening because of the inflammation.
So just to review Kybella is a series of injections is performed under the neck, tiny little shots, there’s a slight stinging I use lidocaine to reduce that stinging and unlike the study we use a little compression at least at night to keep the swelling down which is common and last for 3-5 days. Once that it’s done we see a skin tightening effect recurring along with the loss of fat that’s the primary mechanism of action for the product that’s the opening or the permeability of the fat cells releasing the triglycerides, the contents or lipids into the soft tissues.
So the improvement is market, its clearly visible with one treatment but in the study we had to do probably 4 or 5 treatments to see a substantial improvement of people with really heavier hanging necks and with that said it was clearly different than the placebo arm on the tram, nearly 90% of patients versus almost 10 or 20% with the arm that was placebo or just getting salt water.
So as the practitioners are charging for the Kybella treatment or some multiplier of the cost per bottle what we’re saying is $700 to $900 per vial for the treatment and I think that’s actually going to be about as good of a deal as we’ll find because Kybella really is more of an intervention, more like a surgical intervention even though the treatment is this needle injections that really don’t hurt very much a lot like Botox. There’s a lot more recovery involve in it, patients get swollen, there’s going to be a accessories that we use such as compression and so I think it’s really a great chance for people who are looking for this treatment for a non-surgical neck-lift if you will to get out and get the Kybella treatment, a reliable treatments usually takes somewhere between 3 and 5 it depends on how much tissue there is, fat tissue particularly, someone that’s very thin and has a hanging neck or skin is not going to be a great candidate but even a younger or older person has a fair amount of fat will get nice contraction in lifting.
So the starting range with the most people will be a vial or two $700 and $900 and that range per vial so talking about somewhere between $1500 and $2000 as a primary treatment and then 3 to 5 treatments might be what is expected until someone gets to the point that they’re really satisfied with the outcome. With this new option Kybella for non-surgical fat reduction and neck lifting.
If you have any other questions about Kybella, deoxy cholate or any of our aesthetic procedures don’t hesitate to call or write through, we’re very happy to help you with your questions and get you looking your very best, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM.”


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