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Kybella Recovery Expectations

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I’m answering so many questions now on Kybella as the principle investigator in San Francisco for the FDA trials and now 400 or more treatments being done. I have a nice longitude experience for we can talk about the differences in recovery and there are some differences in individuals in how they recover, it’s very interesting. The patients that have a fuller and fatter neck are actually going to get the most traumatic result because the drug actually targets those fat cells causes them to rupture and releases the lipids or the triglycerides to the fatty tissues, if you will or fatty molecules into the tissues around the neck creating inflammation and inflammation anywhere in the body creates swelling. So the more fats you have and of course the more drug, the more swelling that you’re going to get.

Now, there are some ways to mitigate that by using compression garments, we couldn’t do this in the study but we’ve already seen in the patients we treated that it really, really reduces the swelling that’s there using compression garments a little sling that we give our patients that’s Velcro attachment can be taken on and off easily and we really encourage people who want to get back to work to use that.

In the study we were using 5, 6, 7 cc’s at a treatment with the heavier necks and those patients on a handful really had what I call bullfrog swelling which technically puts you really out of commission. Now we really don’t haven’t done that in any of our patients as yet since the approval of the drug and so we don’t know if compression would completely eliminate that, I seriously doubt it and so we’re  recommending even in the heavier necks that we do more of a modest treatments somewhere between two vials and that’s a modest treatment and maybe up to 4 vials but really not be on that even in the heavier necks, accepting that we might have to do a few more treatments but that each treatment will get you an improvement that’s measurable and ultimately we’ll get to an outcome that you really like without any downtime.

So the recovery is really depending on two things, “How much fat is under your neck?” and “How much of the drug is used?” and if we can kind of balance those two out, so somebody that doesn’t have a real fat neck, doesn’t need a lot so they won’t get that much swelling anyway some of that does and has a lot of hanging fat and skin would use a modest amount so we don’t get too much swelling or the bullfrog effect, we can have a everybody back to work the next day with the most significant potential downside in terms of being noticeable being a bruise.

Others always a little bit of redness afterwards so that’s expected and now with the addition of little bit of lidocaine as we’re doing in our practice and compression we have a comfortable and easy people back to work and it does truly give a tightening or lifting of the tissues of the skin. It is not resurfacing of the skin causing skin tightening it, certainly not a neck lift but the drug does create enough inflammation to create a lifting effect on most all patients.

A small percentage of patients would develop little nodules that were not very tender but can be treated with a steroid and go away, they’re not visible but they can be felt and if they’re bothered, if someone’s bothered by it, it certainly can be treated and that’s part of the pre-treatments regimen of sort of managing the expectations for what the outcome would be like when we do with all patients.

So in short, there’s a range of recovery that in any patient can have. We can have a longer recovery but a bigger improvement with a large dose or we can have a shorter recovery or almost none but a more modest dose depending on the patient’s anatomy.

If you have any other questions about Kybella, its recovery, how it’s done, or the treatment outcomes, please don’t hesitate to write me on the info section, you can call us or even schedule video teleconsultation with the Maas ClinicTM at our website, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best.”


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