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Is Kybella Painful? 

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I’ve had a lot of questions about Kybella. Kybella is deoxy cholate now is one of the principle investigators in the study and as such treated of lower form of treatments now with the product.
Kybella is a series of injections under the neck for people who have fatty tissues and hanging chins, a double chin is open referred to. Kybella causes the rupture lies of fat cells and when those lipids get in to the tissues they create inflammation which gives a lifting effect to the chin or the area under the chin, so called double chin. That effect is really permanent as far as we can tell long lasting at least is what we know and one of the main things that people ask about is “Does it hurt?, “Is it comfortable?” and “What can I expect in terms of the treatment?”. Treatment’s quite easy, you can come in the same day, get an explanation of how the medicine works, what the treatment’s like, which is a series of injections with a very small needle usually a tiniest needle we can use, 31 or 30 gauge needle which are really, really small like an insulin needle and there’s a template applied to the chin, we can inject in that template area or most of the fat is. We can go outside the template too if there’s some jawline issues so recommend use is really probably the most practitioners who start but for those of us with experience we’ll certainly be going outside that area.
The description of how it feels is the little pin creek of a needles is very small but there’s a slight burning sensation associated with the drug. There’s about .1 or 2 ML’s that are injected at each little site and that usually it represents 30 to somewhere around 50 little injections sites sounds like a lot but it really it not that uncomfortable so most people do well of it.
Currently I’ll add a little bit of Lidocaine into the solution, comes in a little bottle or vial and that actually takes a lot of this thing away and the more we do actually the more comfortable it gets.
Once the treatments done, there’s typically a chance of bruising that other than that just a minimal amount of swelling and redness which fades over a couple of hours and we really encourage people and give everyone a little compression garment to apply little pressure and reduce the swelling that happens over the first couple of days. If you can’t wear it all the time, we encourage people to wear it at night and we’re not using really large volumes per each treatment like we did in the study just to keep people working and functioning. You’ll still ultimately get the same result but we might have to do a few more treatments to get to the optimal end point.
So if you have any other questions about Kybella, how it works, the non-surgical or injection neck-lift please don’t hesitate to write, the info page there, I’m happy to get you, you can send pictures to have me assess whether or not you’re a candidate, I’m happy to do a video teleconsultation, you can sign up for that on our website or certainly give us a call anytime to find out more information. As always, it’s my pleasure, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best.”


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