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Ultrashape at the Appearance Care CenterTM

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“I wanted to take a few minutes today to talk about some exciting new technology that involves body shaping. I’m here on the Appearance Care CenterTM & Medical Spa and I’m holding in my hand the transducer for new by device that just been introduced in the United States called UltraShape from a company called, that’s named Syneron.

The Ultra shape device uses high frequency pulse ultrasound that is delivered through this transducer to destroy fat, unwanted fat and it does within a layer of about 15 millimeters or 1.5 centimeters that’s roughly 3 quarters of an inch at a time and it can be done on any area where a patient can pinch an inch. So if we have the abdominal area, the hips, flanks, other regions of the body it’s been specifically I think approved by the FDA for the abdomen but this device in particular is made and designed for destroying fat and using ultrasound energy not to create heat like we’ve seen in other machines like Ultheraphy or the Liposuction device but by a process that’s known as cavitation where the tissue, the fat tissue in particular is so rapidly vibrated that a layer of 15 millimeters is destroyed. It’s done with the single pulse or individual pulses that’s this little wand is placed over the abdomen with the patient in the recumbent position either on their side or on their back whatever area you’re treating and the pulses are virtually pain-free, you can barely even feel those pulses. The treatment areas themselves take only a few minutes to do depending on the area, the size of the area obviously and the extent that we’re going to treat the patient, the entire treatment session can be anywhere from an hour to even 30 minutes, its as good as a small zone.

Again, this technology is new so that’s what really makes it exciting, it’s pain-free, it’s not using heating or cooling. There’s another system out there basically freezes fat and it does it with a foot print that is limited to that area of the foot prints so the zones around it are untreated the fat in the foot print of the suction cup are destroyed and what this device we can move this print to use this anywhere over a patient surface to achieve fat destruction in a very controlled and lay it with.

What we’re most happy about with the Ultrasound is that we can destroy fat deeper under the skin in uniform layer and using it in combination with the skin and superficial tightening device called the Vela Shape we can really get a combination of therapy that maybe a real alternative to liposuction for body contouring and people who really don’t want any kind of surgery.

As we move forward with this technology I think they’ll be great advances we’re one of the centers that they’ve selected to help advance the science to move into new areas to try to get the best results with the fewest number of treatments. A typical treatment area might be a Vela shape treatment for the superficial fat, skin tightening and UltraShape, Ultrasound treatment that follows it immediately and then another Vela in a week. One or two of those would be a series I think as we move forward and in some of the patients that we’ve already treated we’ve seen up to an inch with these single treatment session of the Vela shape and UltraShape. So we’re quite excited to see an inches circumferential reduction, we’re quite excited to see this technology come out and be working with it.

If you have any questions about UltraShape you’re free to visit my video blog and write a comment, questions, send a photograph of yourself if you want to see if you’re a good candidate. There’s really no limit to the body mass index or your size in terms of treating these areas and I’m certainly happy to talk about them. You can write in a question if you want about UltraShape of Focused Post Ultrasound treatments or just body contouring in general that is non-invasive that’s offered at The Maas ClinicTM and the Appearance Care CenterTM.”


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