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FAQs for CoolSculpting Part 1

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“To determine if you are a good candidate for Cool sculpting you will need to schedule a consultation with one of our body contouring nurses. At that appointment, we will be able to determine if you have enough subcutaneous fat in the area that you want to be treated in. If you have enough subcutaneous fat that could be essentially vacuumed by the applicators then Cool sculpting would be great for you.

When you come, and see our consultation, the nurse will determine how many cycles with each applicator will be needed for your treatment. Some applicators are 35 minutes and some applicators take an hour and depending on how many applicators are needed for the area that will determine how many hours it will be treated. For example, if you needed to use the CoolMax, that would be 1 hour. If we’re doing 2 sections, for example a CoolMax in the lower abdomen and a CoolMax in the upper abdomen that would take about 2 hours and say 30 minutes just to do cleaning of the area and preparing for the next one. If you were to do the regular applicators which can be done in 35 minutes it will be 35 minutes per cycle needed.

Cool sculpting uses vacuum-like applicators to target the fat cells directly under the skin without harming the skin at all. The applicators freeze the fat cells ultimately destroying them and then the fat cells come out in the toxins of our body gradually over the next few weeks to months.

So, within the first 10 to 15 minutes of treatment you might feel slight discomfort. I usually recommend to my patients to take really long deep breath through it, it might feel a bit like it’s pulling since it is a vacuum-like machine. After 15 minutes, you’re completely numb so you don’t feel it for the rest of the treatment until it comes down to the warming session. The warming session starts about 15 minutes before the end of the treatment and then that time it starts to kind of ungrasp the area that we’re treating. When you take the applicator off it kind of looks like a frozen stick of butter right after we take the applicator off we start massaging the area with either our hands or a massaging applicator you’ll feel a lot of the area getting revert so it might be a bit handful honestly to do that part that’s the hardest part of the treatment which the massage is the hardest part. Afterwards, there might be some slight discomfort, there is numbness and tingling as a person who has done Cool sculpting before a lot of the symptoms can happen in a few days or even a week later. So, cramping, tingling, little bit of pins and needles it’s all very, very normal so you don’t need to be alarmed if you feel any of these. We do recommend that our patients wear compression garments in the areas that were treated just to tighten the area and I mean the symptoms last for about 2 to 3 weeks anything that is unbearable we would really love for you to call the office, feel free to ask us any question that you have. If you wanted to, you can take Tylenol or you know, regular ibuprofen just to all set the pain a little bit but it’s not anything that’s too harsh.

To get the ultimate results with your Cool sculpting treatment we do recommend that you maintain a very healthy lifestyle which includes dieting, drinking a lot of water and exercising regularly. This will help all he toxins to come out of your body and the fat cells to be eliminated quickly.

Cool sculpting actually just came out with the new mini applicator that is great for the submental area. So, you would need to come in and make sure that there’s enough fat once your head is tilted down and when your head is up. You have to make sure that enough can be sucked-in by the machine to have an effective treatment.

So, it is recommended that you take about 24 hours off you know, just relax for a little bit after your treatment you might have a lot of discomfort. It’s okay to go back to work, it’s okay to start exercising the next day. I would probably start off with light walks and light exercise and not too heavy weightlifting or anything until about a week or so later but normal exercise is just fine.

So, since we have to wait for all of these fat cells to be release with the toxins in our body it is expected to see full results at about 3 months. People start to see a bit of a difference after 1 and 1/2 to 2 months but full results are seen after 3 month-mark.

It is recommended to maintain a very healthy lifestyle as you’re waiting to see the results if your Cool sculpting treatment which includes you know, dieting and working out. It’s really hard for us to determine if the treatment was effective, if there was a weight gain. This is also very important if you’re doing a lot muscle bulking. A lot of our patients have come in and they have gained either gained weight or just added muscle and it’s hard to see things act area that was treated because there’s more muscle on top of it. So, we recommend that you just diet and exercise regularly to see full results.

The most common areas treated for Cool sculpting would be the abdomen, the flunks, the back, the arms, the inner thighs, the outer thighs, the chin and the binaural.”


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