Is Ultherapy a Facelift? In this video blog, Dr. Maas compares Ultherapy with other technologies such as lasers and radio frequency, which have made claims about lifting, but are in actuality only cleared for skin tightening.

If you are trying to lift, tighten and tone your skin, Ultherapy is currently the only non-surgical device cleared by the FDA for lifting. Typically, Ultherapy is a relatively painless procedure that can be done in the office, with no downtime. Local anesthesia is offered for those that are sensitive to pain, but it is not required.

It is important to not that Ultherapy is not meant as a replacement for a facelift, but for younger patients in their 40s and late 30s, or those who have already undergone a facelift and need some tightening, it is a great option.

Watch Dr. Maas explain how Ultherapy, Lasers and RF technologies compare:

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