Latisse is an FDA approved eyelash enhancer. It was discovered somewhat accidentally by patients who were being treated for glaucoma, when they realized their lashes where growing in fullness. It is manufactured and distributed by Allergan, the same company who makes BOTOX.

Ultimately, the mechanism of action is not real clear, but we do know that  it prolongs the life cycle of the hair follicle that is producing the eyelashes. The data from Latisse shows a 30% increase in darkness, length and thickening over a 3 month period. It is applied once per day, at the base of the lashes via a small brush that comes with the 5ml bottle.

Good candidates for Latisse are people who are experiencing hair thinning as they age, or people who wish to increase the darkness, length and thickness of their lashes.

Latisse should be applied carefully, and improper application can lead to hyper-pigmentation or excess hair growth in other exposed areas. One partial side effect of Latisse is for patients with light green eyes, who may experience iris darkening if the product is exposed to the eye. With proper application, this can be avoided.