Dr. Maas Weighs In on This Trending Procedure for InStyle Magazine

When Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram in September 2021 to announce she had undergone buccal fat removal, she set the internet alight. Magazines, blogs and social media commentators quickly picked up the story, launching this already-trending procedure further into the spotlight.

What exactly is buccal fat? And why is removing it the new sought-after celebrity treatment?

Defined cheekbones are considered a sign of beauty in many cultures. While some people achieve sky-high cheekbones with contouring makeup techniques or social media filters, others look for longer-lasting solutions.

Cheek fillers are a popular, but temporary, way to accentuate the cheeks and cheekbones. Patients seeking permanent results may turn to fat transfer or implants to give their cheeks a boost. Whether surgical or nonsurgical, what these procedures have in common is that they highlight the cheeks by adding volume.

Buccal fat pad removal takes a different approach. It accentuates the cheeks by removing volume, making it an ideal choice for those with “baby faces” or “chipmunk cheeks” who desire more definition.

Dr. Maas recently contributed his expertise on buccal fat removal surgery to an article for InStyle magazine.

In the article, Dr. Maas discusses:

  • What the buccal fat pad is
  • What buccal fat removal is for
  • What the buccal fat removal procedure involves
  • What to expect from the buccal fat removal recovery process
  • When to expect results from buccal fat removal
  • Why patient safety and the choice of physician is key
  • Who is a good candidate for buccal fat removal

Read the full article at the link below!

InStyle: Buccal Fat Removal Is Hollywood’s Best-Kept Secret For Chiseled Cheekbones

Buccal Fat Removal in San Francisco

“Baby fat” may be adorable while we’re young, but for those who never grow out of it, it can create a round, chubby facial contour that’s undesirable in adulthood. Dr. Maas offers buccal fat pad removal at The Maas Clinic to slim down the midface and define the cheekbones, creating a more attractive facial profile. The procedure and recovery are relatively quick and comfortable, and the results are long-lasting for most of our patients.

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