Abby, an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist at The Appearance Care CenterTM, talks about the process of freezing your fat with CoolSculpting® in San Francisco.

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Today I was talking a little bit with patients about how we can get our body shape better, how stubborn areas of fat that just can’t seem to go away and these patients are incredibly athletic and are fitness and eat good diets and they still have the muffin top and one of them had a little bit of a belly and husband and wife team and really they were looking for ways to address these concerns and really I’ve done all that I can with regard to exercise, diet and lifestyle things and do it without surgery or without the downtime and the thought of even having surgery and that’s where CoolSculpting comes in.

CoolSculpting is a newer technology and I can tell you that over the last 5 years since it, or even 7 years since it really first came out, CoolSculpting has come a long way in advancing it here in San Francisco has been a big part of it. The applications for CoolSculpting have gone from just really limited areas to really even treating most of the body. We can now treat under the neck with the new applicator, the Cool mini, there’s areas of treatment that we commonly do like the muffin tops or the hip area, we can treat the lateral thigh, the so-called saddle bags, the abdomen or little bulge even kind of a mini mommy make over for that loose skin because one of the benefits of CoolSculpting over liposuction is that there is some skin tightening effect when we do the cool Sculpting treatment.

Cool sculpting technology takes advantage of the fact that fat cells are more susceptible to cold or freezing than other surrounding tissues skin and nerve and muscle tissue and by putting the applicator on the skin surface and using suction that pulls the tissue into the machine head we’re able to selectively freeze unwanted fat which is ultimately destroyed by lysis the fat cells break, the lipids are released into the tissues which creates an inflammatory response that destroys the fat and actually remodels the tissue including the skin and so one of the real benefits we’ve seen with the CoolScultping is that we can actually get some skin tightening that we never saw with liposuction.

The process is really a consultation what we come in and look at this areas i advise all of our patients to get to an ideal weight before they even consider the treatment if you’re planning on loosing 5lbs or 10lbs we can really even more effectively target the area that we want to treat and get a better result. So finding an ideal weight whether you’re a little heavy or you’re thin doesn’t really matter if there’s unwanted fat particularly fat that’s resistant to exercise and diet changes you’re a good candidate for doing cool sculpting.

The treatment itself last for about an hour a little bit longer, you’ll come in, we’ll apply an applicator to the skin surface once we’ve used the templates to measure the area and apply the right hand piece to the treatment area that we’re going to do and the treatment itself was quite comfortable once the suctioning and the coolness starts, cool or cold by its nature has a very profound anesthetic effect and once the treatment is complete you can watch a movie by the way or one of the shows we have programmed on the IPads and really enjoy yourself for an hour even get some work done on the computer. At the completion of the treatment, the applicator is removed and the area that was actually treated will show an area of elevation of bulge, we have a special hype of massage device that we use to make sure that it’s all regular and very smooth as you leave here, we want to make sure and we found that study and studies have shown that massaging the area after CoolSculpting is really important in getting the optimum smoothing result in the area of treatment. So very special massage treatment had its used at the end of each treatment. A lot of people use manual massage and when they describe discomfort with CoolScultping its usually with that massage technique for their physically massaging when you think about it and using the adaptive or high frequency ultrasound type of massager we found it to be very effective way of avoiding that very small amount of discomfort, I would describe it as being similar to when you’re arm falls asleep and it wakes up if you’ve woken up or slept the wrong way and that number tingly feeling in your hand occurs same effect happens with CoolSculpting. And all these new technology is exciting because it offers a non-invasive approach to get really stubborn areas of unwanted fat remove in a comfortable way, it provides a little bit of skin tightening and you can go about your business immediately,  there’s really no down time or restrictions and exercise or activity. In fact, we encourage people to exercise after the treatment.

It’s exciting to add dual sculpting or you have two treatment heads, we can treat both love handles at the same time, saving over an hour of your time so that you can come in and in a few months after the treatment has had its full effect you’ll be back in those jeans or that tiny black dress that you like so much.

If you have any other questions about CoolScultping, its technology, how it works please feel free to call us, we’re happy to answer any questions. You can look at CoolSculpting San Francisco or and really find out a lot more information. As always it’s my pleasure to answer those questions and take your time, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best.”