The Silhouette Lift is sometimes referred to as a face lift without surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure that helps reshape the face and restore volume.

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“I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about a new device that is exciting. It’s not a new technology but a new device that’s really refine and much improve some older technology called the Silhouette Lift or the Silhouette Instalift which uses a thread or suture technique and it’s a special design to create lifting by placing the device in the under the skin, the subcutaneous tissues and elevating the tissues in a way that is long lasting but not permanent. The suture itself dissolves overtime with the Silhouette instalift and I want to make this distinction because many of us remember the era of what was called “The barb thread lift” and there were many names for this thread lift etcetera and these little barb sutures replace many, many of them but while the skin surface in a similar fashion and it was the barbs when they’re replaced in a certain direction that retarded the skin or kept the skin through falling back down and what we learn was the effective this was a very short lift, the 3 or 4 months the benefited, the barb sutures that were placed were gone really and there were 3 little benefit for the cost.

The Silhouette lift or the instalift procedure that’s by Sinclair Pharma company actually is a series of small PLGA which is an absorbable suture-like material, in fact it is a material for many sutures that has in it a series of cones that are directional. When the device is placed using a special needle below the skin surface these little tiny cones are threaded up underneath the skin of the face and the series of passes one or two usually preside and once they’re placed the skin is elevated and thee cone formation keeps the skin elevated and keeps it from falling back down. The little thread is clip at the entry and exit points, just a very small puncture type of incision and the sustained elevation of the skin is then achieved by the formation of collagen that replaces the sutures overtime. So that procedure is very different than what we had seen in the past with the so-called Thread lifts and something that we are hoping to see 2 or 3 year results with for people. Certainly, not a permanent correction, it’s not a replacement for a lower facelift or full facelift and those patients who want an enduring type of procedure but for someone that wants a small but appreciable lift this is an area where suture lifting might be a benefit to you. There’s been a few other devices that are similar one that I’ve described historically that specifically designed for the cheek fat pad, I’m using a different type of suture and I think this one in particular is beneficial in elevating the jowl area and the midface zone and it can be a real compliment or a supplement to using volumizing type of fillers.

What I’m saying now and I think the trend is very common is people are massively over filled to try to get a lifting effect and the main reason is they don’t want to have surgery and that’s understandable, people I’m not ready or prepared either emotionally or financially for other reasons to do a lifting procedure I understand and we certainly know that some volume is needed with aging to replacement of the loss volume so I understand the rational between or behind not wanting to have surgery but the concept of using fillers to try to truly lift someone is really not the best direction to go than in minimally evasive procedure the Silhouette instalift is the common term for now may provide a really good alternative for lifting while we can also supplement that with soft tissue augmentation using injectable fillers.

There are other lifting devices that do a minimal approach against stimulating collagen such as Ultherapy and so now we have a few tools Ulteraphy which uses ultrasound and focused energy we have the Silhouette instalift which is a newer device. It’s been in Europe for many years and it’s been refined here in this country but I think that these additions minimally invasive approaches that may not have permanent duration but are lasting or enduring improvement really are something that patients are looking for and then I feel are safe when they are dissolvable like the design with the PLGA, design that we see with Silhouette.

If you have any questions about the Silhouette instalift, the procedures in general, to lift face that are minimally invasive or even surgical please don’t hesitate to call or write if you have any experiences with these or questions that you’d like to ask about your experience also please don’t hesitate to contact me, you can send pictures or even videos if you want if for yourself I’d be happy to comment on them publicly or privately. As always, it’s my pleasure this is Corey S. Maas MDTM on Looking Your Best.”