San Francisco facial plastic surgeon Corey S. Maas MDTM discusses the innovative nature of intense pulse light photo rejuvenation, what it means for patients with skin damage, and even undergoes the procedure! Learn more about the IPL procedure in San Francisco

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“I wanted to talk a little bit about IPL and actually show myself as a patient because I’m a big believer in this technology. When asked about 5 to 7 years ago well I thought what are the two artist advances in surgery over the course of my career in lifetime and all the research that we’ve done here and some of the wonderful work been done at the other site around the country really came up with tube main things, it’s the advance of the butts I’m toxins into the Botox being the leader in that area called Dysport and of course Xeomin and then intense pulse light and at that time this really, it is two devices of these two technology really had and still willing make a huge impact on how we treat patients because they address a specific area concern in a way that is very meaningful number 1, number 2 has virtually no or limited down time and very, very low risk, If we put those things together the impact they have on someone the low risk and very good outcome is very present to relatively innocuous experience the people have during the treatment it really makes her some very, very good technology . So, with that said we walk through the treatment where I’d become the patient I may be able to walk through some of the steps.

The first and most important thing is finding the right indication to any treatment and with IPL we’re targeting one of the two colors that are in human skin, red and brown. Now you can take variations of that because the oxygenated blood is not really red, it’s a little bit more blue but IPL targets unwanted blood vessels that are part of sun damage or what we call sulilastosis where the skin has a lot of changes through the sun damage including the location of small capillary. A lot of people call them broken blood vessels, they’re not really broken they’re dilated and there’s too many of them and it makes people have the red flash-like skin and that’s really sun damage just like the spots, brown spots that we’ve see and when we’re young we call them freckles and as they get older they stick together or they become confluent or more closely, adherent to one another, they’re called cynile and higenese or maculo, they’re larger in general and there are things that can be treated. No one form freckles, they’re all sun damage whether as 6-years old or 60. Freckles natural are really representations to sun damage. So that’s really what we’re treating when we do it. The steps of the process of treating them of IPL are relatively simple, patients will commend for approximately 30 minutes of the untopical numbing and we have our own formulation with technique people really appreciate in terms of wanting any stinging effect referred to the feeling of snapping or rubber band on the skin and as I go through the treatment myself I feel it and I can tell you that, that is much less significant when we use the technology we do full numbing which is topical anesthesia and then a very cold blowing air which use self directly so you will see me getting treatment, you’ll see me holding the hose at the area of the treated really cooling skin as it’s been done a treated thing done helps that be comfortable.

The next step is identifying the areas of treatment, the beauty of IPL we’re covering the entire face, neck, chest, hands, we’ve done the entire body it’s really with IPL to get rid of sun damage but whatever we’re doing we’re covering that with numbing medicine first so it’s comfortable and then when we do the treatment apply the gel to the skin surface and then do the and then apply the actual light guider, the crystal from the machine to the skin surface we’re trying to cover everything square millimeter of skin. Now sun damage skin whether a spot or whether [Inaudible [00:04:31] for the unwanted going to pick up the energy in areas that of the skin that’s irrelevantly clear are not going to pick-up any energy and so it really, the beauty of IPL is it’s targeting just the [Inaudible [00:04:46], just the unwanted pigment, the abnormal pigment for the sun damage related pigment that dilated vessel capillaries and the brown or the melaninwhether it’s collected in the areas of the spot. As we get into the treatment, the treatment head itself just very ergonomic for the nurse or the doctor using it. There’s a couple of different ways that we called it, it’s Ipeeltection for everyone even though IPL say it’s not only laser so it’s not a single link that can penetrate deeply in the skin and while it can be used safely around the eye, we still use eye protection this just for general principle. We don’t let that be fired it up be open eye to see any significant risk with IPL. With the protection of the eye in the areas that we’re treating we’re also careful around hair, IPL is not a very effective laser or devise for using hair removal. It doesn’t even get close to comparing to Laser Hair Removal which is very effective in permanently removing hair, but because it does have the potential to get some hair removal we’re very careful both for men and women about avoiding down hairline and the eye brow areas because you don’t want those to be lost.

In men, will talk to men about what do they want to have a beard and if they are growing a beard or going with the short-bearded area will typically avoid those unless they really feel like to trade off of the sun damage or treating in the bearded area is important enough to have a little bit of watching these for areas of thinner hair because some of the bearded hair would be treated. For example, of my face when we’re treating I have them go over the bearded area because I don’t anticipate growing a beard but to men that want a beard then we draw a line and do the upper curve.

Generally speaking bearded men have some protection from the sun anyway and won’t have as much sun damage like in the bearded area. So once the hand piece is applied to the skin surface there’s a bright flash of light that occurs repetitively and the retreating of health care provider the nurse or doctor doing the treatment will do it in a directionality. There’s a certain way that the lights, the crystal is oriented and it goes the opposite direction in the next pass. It’s always being done in two passes recovering of it is every treatable square millimeter of the face neck, chest and hand and as that process happens you’ll see a little bit of redness that’s off around each of the brown spots miraculous and some of the vessels will schlorous and shrink upon themselves immediately and in some cases depending upon settings we can actually get the vessels to burst which will give us small bruise but that means that they will be destroyed and won’t ever come back.

So, IPL, just in summary is using light energy in a very positive affirmative way to damage the unwanted pigment in our skin without damaging the surrounding skin. So, one can come in and get treated, you have a little bit of redness for an hour or so there after and once that fades the brown spots will get a little darker. And over a week or two weeks the skin naturally exfoliates, the brown spots will be gone but the vessels you’ll see immediate improvement. In some cases, we use the YAG laser around the nose or areas where you see dilated capillaries often produce telangiectasias. They have a central feeder or spider vein and they have a central feeder vessel that the laser can address but the most part IPL is a comfortable treatment that is reliably used on any area of the body. The application of it can be done in the very comfortable way and that really is an important part. The experience for us is just as important of the outcome that people can tolerate the treatment and get the expected results and really see over the long-term improvement and the overall appearance of the skin as it relates to homogeneity of skin surface. You don’t want to see blotchy skin, blotchy red or blotchy brown we’d like to see the skin really uniform in its color. Light, even, clear skin there’s a very youthful bright appearance, it’s something that I think of also as a maintenance therapy because no one can completely protect your skin from sun even with good sunscreen or a clothing for protection. One really needs to, you know, if you really want to keep it clear come in once or twice every year to just to maintain that outcome of nice clear appearance of the skin which includes the red and brown spots we see in the neck. A condition referred to as poikiloderma and includes the dilated vessels as we talked about before, and other unwanted skin changes.

The hands are a reflection of the person’s skin quality and aging, so when we look at hands that have lots of brown spots on them of course that’s an area where we can treat just as effectively as well as the upper arm and really all the way up to the shoulder just the upper long arm can be treated and their hands and we can really get good cover of any exposed skin area making sure that you can is homogeneous in color and doesn’t have these unwanted changes with them. If you have any other questions about intense pulse light photo rejuvenation/IPL or often called Photo facial please don’t hesitate to write me at, you can leave pictures or videos of your own kinds of thoughts and we can talk about this at the effectiveness for you in particular. I’m happy to discuss those questions with that video and show those pictures if you allow them, it can be a private conversation or public just let us know and it’s always my pleasure to help you. Stay looking your best, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM.”