MiraDry is an exciting new procedure which can help you reduce armpit sweat, and reduce the need for deodorant. Ask Dr. Maas your question about MiraDry in San Francisco

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“Miradry is one of the newer technologies that’s out there that’s gaining a lot of traction which is a microwave technology designed to destroy both the odor producing and sweat producing glands in the armpit. There are other indications coming, for example hands and so as the feet where sweating can be a real problem but for right now this indication is primarily the close saving and embarrassment reducing and wet reducing treatment of choice for the armpit area. Certainly, one can use Botox, Dysport or Xeomin in this area but for lasting results, destroying these unnecessary glands and sweat areas are really, really valuable to people especially with regard with the cost of replacing clothing and the use of aluminum containing deodorants.

The procedure itself is done with local anesthesia so it’s done in the office, you don’t need to have any medicine, some people want to have a little sedation that’s okay if they want a little medicine to relax and we start with very small injections of local anesthesia surrounding the armpit area and then do… Once that’s underway we’ll do a lot of infiltration of local anesthesia that’s very dilute to make sure it’s very, very numb but first your pinches are someone feels and then there’s a grid that we place based on the size of your armpit and the ball could be granular and sweaty tissue under the arm that we follow with the microwave applicator hand piece. This is very formulaic, we have a very precise series of sites that we’re discharging the microwave which basically generates and destroys the tissue by heat and so once that’s done you’ll have a little arm irritation, there’s a series of instructions we give, no deodorant obviously, a little bit of calming salve or lotion under the arm for about a week and by the end of that first week the arm’s healed and you’re no longer sweating. In 85+% of people only 1 treatment is necessary to, for the rest of your life, have no or very small amounts of body odor and no sweating.

For more information on Miradry, the microwave technology for reducing auxiliary or armpit sweating please don’t hesitate to write or send a video or even photographs to me @DrMaas.com we’re always happy to help you stay Looking Your Best and feeling your best, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM.”