Juvederm Volbella is a new lip filler product from Allergan, the company behind BOTOX. Dr. Maas explains some of the science behind Volbella, and what makes it an exciting new product for those interested in lip enhancement in San Francisco

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“I want to talk today about some exciting news, that’s the announcement of the release to the FDA approval of a new injectable filler product from Allergan, the company that makes Botox, called Juvederm Volbella. You’ll be hearing a lot about Volbella because it’s one of the newly targeted indication products that are out there. In other words, we’re going away from the time when we had a whole handful of fillers and it was use then everywhere, it didn’t make any difference where you use them, and now we’re targeting specific indications like we have with Restylane silk and Volbella is specifically targeted for the lips.

Volbella studies that were done and conducted here in the United States in their pivotal trial showed excellent results and in fact the 3, 6 and even 9 months after the treatment subjects that we’re rating their lip enhancement goals rated their goals as being achieved mid to high 90s all the way out to 9 months which is unique among the filler products for lip indications. If we compare those to some of the other studies that have been done is open label studies, we see that their products the other highly oronance typically degrade and those ratings go down into the 70s, 60s and even 50s by 9 months. So now we have a longer acting product.

The other interesting thing about Volbella, a newly released HA filler, or lip indication that it doesn’t cause very much swelling and that’s because the concentration of HA is a little lower well at the same time it gives very long duration. A few of the characteristics of this particular product that make it unique is that its crossed length with long and short change of the sugars. Just to give you a little background without too much science is that highly oronance are sugar molecules that occur a structural components throughout the animal kingdom, it’s in our skin, it’s in our joints and its important part of the structural nature of our skin and the dermis itself so it’s a very natural product and what makes the products that we use and the syringe different is that there are cross linking mechanisms and in this case they take again the short change, that long change and  get them all bind together which makes the flow of the product much easier and also makes it it’s called elastic modulus or gee prime lower meaning it’s softer.

So with Volbella we’ll see less swelling or water retention in the areas around the lips and eyes giving less of a beast stung look around the lips for example. We’ll also see a softer result and what’s most interesting or exciting in my opinion about this study is that the average volume of injection was less than 2 CCs to receive, for the upper and lower lip to achieve an optimal result included at primary treatment which ended up being about 1.6ml and a secondary treatment which was much less.

What’s most exciting about this product I think is the volume of injection which has a big impact on pricing and how we do the treatment and in the Volbella study the initial treatment, all these studies are conducted in several way, there’s an initial treatment that a touch-up treatment. With Volbella the initial treatment to get to optimum correction above the upper and lower lip the volume used was 1.2 CC’s and the touch up was less than .6 so total volume was less than 2ml or 2 syringes of the product whereas when we look at the Juvederm study or the Restylane study that was done for a little trial, those products require 2 1/2 or 2.2 CC’s to get to that optimum correction. So it looks like it will be able to use less volume to achieve its satisfactory result with better flow softer feel and so I think this really is a step in the right direction of adding more tools for us as surgeon than provisions to get optimum correction in the perioral area. There’s data about fine lines with it, we’re excited to be trying this for the little fine radial lines around the lips but we’re certainly be some compared of studies, some of which were conducted soon but in any case we have a really nice product that’s being added to the portfolio of options that we have for reach of our patients to get every area of the body treated and the face in particular treated to the best outcome. We always want you looking your best. This is Dr. Maas, if you have any questions about Volbella please don’t hesitate to send me an email or use the dialog box on DrMaas.com and I’m happy to get those answers to you as quickly as possible. They can be done privately or publicly, you can share photos if you have a specific questions and it’s always it’s my pleasure to help you keep looking your best.”