Cellfina is a breakthrough procedure that targets cellulite. In this video, Dr. Maas discusses this new technology which treats cellulite with long-term effectiveness.

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I wanted to take an opportunity today to talk about a new technology, really a new device that is a representation of a very old technology called subcision in the treatment of cellulite. Now you’ll be hearing about this on the news and on television and ads and probably there’s going to be a lot of enthusiasm especially amongst the beauty magazine. It’s about the treatment that actually works for cellulite because for so many years, and so many devices there been very nominal improvements with multiple treatments using any of a number of different devices people may have heard the term endermology and any of a number of different ones, we’ll get into that but newest one called Cellfina has refine the technique of subcision to where its procedural and gives consistency in the results in improving cellulite.

Now cellulite, most people know is a herniation or bulging of the fat around the thighs typically buttocks and lower portions of the body that creates an uneven or dimpled appearance to the skin, I think most people know what cellulite is or what it looks like and in between these little bolts of fat or fibers spans that extend from the deeper tissues of the skin that kind of dimple or hold the skin down so it got intermittentor sort of inerrable bulging or fat pads and little bands of fibers tissue that are holing the skin down and this is what gives the irregularities to the skin surface or the irregular appearance that people almost 90% of women have visible cellulite and something like 50% of men has cellulite and so it’s not an uncommon problem, it’s obviously more common in people that are fatter in general people that have higher fat content or BMI’s fat to muscle ratios but even in slender people we see cellulite and it’s a scenario obviously of great concern for that reason.

So this newer Cellfina device works as the subcision by going underneath the skin and dividing the little fiber spans or cefty that hold the skin down and thus letting the skin release and be smooth to the surface. It doesn’t per say to anything to the protruding fat but by releasing the bands that makes the skin surface smooth. We have experienced now with the Cellfina one of the early centers that was released to do early clinical testing and evaluation of the product and I’ve seen excellent success and the technique again is really making small undermining or division if you will of the skin from the underlying tissues the technique called subcision. One can do several areas with this at the same time. There’s very commonly bruising with it, it would be more of an expected side effect and some sort of adverse events and people need to be aware of it. We recommend wearing compression garments, spanks or some type of girdle if you will to hold pressure after the treatment and it’s done with the very tiny incision which I’ll explain in some detail.

Basically, patients that are interested in cellulite improvement should be evaluated for their overall contour first. They should be at ideal weight if they’re going to stay at their current weight, they’re excellent candidates and then they should if you’re going to be a candidate for Cellfina be taking any aspirin or aspirin related products. If you meet those criteria and don’t have any blood or bleeding types of disorders you can be treated with this newer device Cellfina. The patients, all of them can be done with [inaudible [00:03:55] or just local anesthesia which is part of the treatment apparatus that actually is the local anesthesia or numbing. We usually use a topical first, mark the areas that are of greatest concerns and if there are many in a J scenario we’ll take the ones that are worst, mark those, I will do the topical anesthesia and then with each treatment area there’s a small disc applied to the skin surface and I’ll show video of this in a little bit where the tissue is sucked into the small disc on the surface and then there’s a special little reciprocating blade, it looks like a little tiny mini ultra-sword that very precisely releases the fibers spans under the skin surface with a tiny little puncture, so there’s not very much to be seen, there’s no sutures, there’s no wound closure required and the results in our experience have been quiet good with the expected recovery of having local swelling, bruising and potentially a little thickening of the tissue during the recovery process.

So I’d say that right now Cellfina is appearing to be the go-to procedure for definitive improvement in cellulite. It is a minor surgical procedure which can be done as an out-patient. If people have extensive cellulite then it’s done in stages. We’ll get most of the worst areas in one stage and come back and get some of the smaller areas another stages and these are procedures that can done anywhere on the lower body as long as the device can grasp for create suction that pulls the tissue up into it.

If you have any questions about Cellfina, how it’s done, the treatment of cellulite or even the causes or your experience with cellulite I encourage you to send those questions in to DrMaas at our website @DrMaas.com, you can even take videos or photographs of those and accompany them and I can tell you if you’re a good candidate for the Cellfina treatment. There are some medications that are injectable medications that are on the horizon that may prove to be also very helpful with cellulite so stay tuned really we have a lot of exciting news in this area of unwanted surface contour that a condition called cellulite. This is Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best.”