Dr Maas talks about a new, minimally invasive technology that removes cellulite with long term effectiveness, called Cellfina.

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I wanted to talk a little bit about cellulite today because historically there’s been really no cure for cellulite. There’ve been a number of machines like endermologie which was a big roller machine that went up and down the leg and if you did it enough you probably got enough swelling that make the cellulite look a little better there’s all kinds of magic potions and creams which do virtually nothing and so we’ve been really looking for an answer for cellulite for decades, it’s a curse and almost 90% of women to a significant extent and if you look at all women overall after the age of 30 it’s in most women. It happens in about 50% of men to some degree or another so it’s really a prolyphic disorder and it really is caused by the fat herniating or protruding between little layers of fibers tissue that touch the surface or grab on to this surface of the skin which gives that lumpy bumpy appearance, it’s really little fat bulging and between little fibrous sceptic pulling the skin down and in large areas it can look like lines, it can look like dimples it can look like cottage cheese, that’s people often describe it an I d so from many people who are even very shapely and had to do a good job with diet and exercise it is a real problem. As I said up to recently those historic devices that offered little relief for improvement but now there’s a device called Cellfina and Cellfina has a really taken a technology that we’ve known about for many years and standardized it in the way that we can reproduce simply improve cellulite.

The procedure that we’ve done for years is called subcision and its really a process where by a very tiny needle or blade is inserted underneath the skin and parallel to it after numbing of course and that blake divides those little fibers septate completely and allows the fat then to be level with the skin, elevating dimples and some of the linear disfigurations or the indentations that we see in cellulite and actually through the fibrosis or healing process allows a great deal of smoothing in the skin.

The Cellfina device which we’ve employed and have had now some excellent experience with provides substantial improvement, we’ll pick certain areas that are the worst to treat first we can’t really overlap barriers that are very heavily confluent where there’s areas of overlap with cellulite but over a period of treatments depending on how extensive it is we can get most of the skin smooth. We also have some newer approved drugs such as Kybela which is the fat dissolving drug that we can use in that as an adjunct that would be a completely off-labelled use of the drug but we do know that it causes lysis or breakage of fat cells so on certain people along with Cellfina and some of the other treatments we can break-up or really cause the herniated fat to flatten also.

The last of this combination of therapy which I think is really the way to addressed Cellulite is a called VeloShape which by itself we haven’t found to be a phenomenal treatment although some improvement is achieved. Veloshape is using radiofrequency or gentle heating process so for the skin along the with roller device and in for red light and with that there’s some skin tightening. So with the combination of Cellfina subcision, Kybela in those cases where it’s resistant fat that we can’t completely get and then Veloshape we can consistently provide real improvements for cellulite patients and that’s really virtually everyone. So if you’ve thought about it and you’re not looking as good as you did in your bikini 5 or 10 years ago or you’ll wear that short dress or you’d like to wear that short dress again I think that this combination of therapies is the way that would really should be approach and we can get to back into those using a combination of Celfina, Kybela and Velopshape very effectively.

If you have any other questions about Cellulite, about the treatment with Velopshape or treatment with Kybela and off-label uses of that drug, the new drug that was actually designed for neck fat but has certainly other applications or the new Cellfina device please don’t hesitate to write or call us. As always it’s my pleasure, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best.”