Dr. Maas discusses different hair transplant & restoration techniques, including FUE & FUT.

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Today we were talking about a lot about hair and hair removal and we also we’re talking about hair transplantation of an area, a particular area that put interest to me with hair transplantation there’s really we can transplant hair from the head or other areas of the body frankly to anywhere on the body that we use hairs, the eyebrows and eye lashes are good example for places that people don’t often think of. We think of hair transplantation typically with man and balding but really women lose hair not with the same intensity but certainly the same frequency and in men, it’s called female pattern balding and very commonly medical therapies for hair loss are effective in women because they still have retained hair just about as effective as they are in men.

Once the medical therapies are set aside and once determined that the best course of action would be hair transplantation or hair restoration through grafting there are two basic techniques and one is called the FUE technique and this really has to do more with how the hair is obtained than how the hair is planted. The FUE technique is called or stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and in FUE there’s a small punch graft that’s used that can be mechanical or can just be hand held, there’s a couple of devices neograft is one of them and there’s the cap smart graft is another that use a little rotary wheel but just a punch graft is done the back of the hair is very closely crop so we can spread the little graft to wholes out they’re not close and we can barrow the hair in about a 1 millimeter diameter punch, those are carefully placed in Saline for preservation the slits are made in the areas where we want the hairs and their transferred into those recipients sites, whether the brows, the lashes or the hair on top of the head.

The other technique, the FUT technique is Follicular Unit Transplantation and really you’ll notice that both of them have the word Follicular Unit in them and that’s really the key to hair transplant, there’s a lot of discussion and controversy if you will and more from a business standpoint with the companies that making very expensive devices to help bassist with FUE the Follicular Unit Extraction whether the FUE technique is better or the FUT technique is better and with the FUE technique what’s done is a strip of hair that’s about a 1 1/2 centimeter in most cases just barrowed from the back of the hair where you’ll never lose it and its very carefully closed. I’ve never had to revise one of those scars and I’ve seen the pictures in the magazines in the back of the airline and I can tell you I’ve never experienced, I’ve never seen another patient even one that was referred after a previous hair transplant to me that had a scar like that. Not that those can’t happen of course but they’re quite rare which to me mean with FUT and FUE are comparable and excellent technology there are people that I think are good candidates for FUE over FUT and those are people who don’t need, number 1 don’t need that many grafts certainly less than a thousand. Once you get more than a thousand holes in the back of the scalp, it’s a very large area of hair that you’re having to shave and that really is difficult to disguise when we’re doing FUT or borrowing the oldest strip techniques is we describe it, or we don’t really have to shave the hair at all [Inaudible [00:03:47] the hardest thing is just an area of the strip for borrowing so people are back to normal lives and activities whether they’re dared to. Now with the hat, certainly anyone could.

Now with the FUE, the other issue with large numbers of graft is after you have a thousand 1 millimeter holes well that’s a thousand square millimeters of secondary intention healing and that’s quite a defect that can look a little bit remodeled or irregular in the back of the head. So there are limits to FUE, I like them, I like neograft, I like smart graft or it’s a basic unit and I like punch graft frankly can do just good of a job by mechanic, they are a little mechanical punch bath that I have that I handhold when you do it.

So all of those are good techniques, there’s not really one that’s better, it comes down to the artistry of the hair surgeon that’s being used and certainly the technician that the technician, they’re assisting the surgeon that’s important in designing the hairline in placing the little slit which we used tiny little needles now, we don’t use the knife anymore from slit and the Follicular unit is exactly how the hair grows on the head it’s in 1, 2 or 3 hair growth as I’ve described previously and if their transplanted either as an FUE or FUT is a Follicular Unit the hair that’s placed and growing is really you can’t tell the difference between it and the [Inaudible [00:05:12]  the hair and the hair that’s been there before than the hair that’s growing around it which will be a great advance in this technology.

So my summary on this is which is better FEU, FUT is there isn’t too right answer for that I really comes down to the surgeon.

In general, with larger areas of coverage certainly more than a thousand FUE I believe is by far the better technique to use just because we can harvest in our limiting amount of hair and a have a small linear scar that’s almost invisible and get people immediately back to work. The other question is bring back up is the new robotic hair device transplant device which is called the artist and in that device your head is setting a very specific cradle that holds it completely e-Mobil and the cameras on the robot allow who four of the graft to be harvested by the FUE technique and transferred to transplantation in the areas that are pre-determined and this technologies, not new but it’s certainly evolving and getting better and I would anticipate in the next 3 to 5 years not only it will better but it will be cost efficient which I think is important. We want cost efficiency as well as efficacy with it.

So the FUE, FUT technique I think is confusing and the discussion or debate about it amongst consumers is confusing. I will say that as really the both techniques were FUE is better for smaller numbers of grafts, sending its large guards session with their transplantation, they both are very effective and efficient. In the hands, I’m going to experience the talented hair surgeon as much as they’ve tried to commoditize the hair graft all over the different clubs and organizations, really the idea that they artistry, the ability to design an appropriate hairline for a man that wants hair or women, that wants hair restoration or the proper in place and get maximum results with eye brow or eye lash transplantation is really down to the surgeon and their technique, critically important that we have that very rewarding procedure, very high satisfaction rates you can all those things online and people really get long term growth especially with the use of concurrent medical therapy to the prevent further hair loss.

If you have any other questions about hair regrowth, hair transplantation or hair in general please don’t hesitate to write me DrMaas.com is my video blog, you can write us @Maasclinic.com that’s with two A’s and I’m happy to answer those questions. As always keep looking your best, this is Dr. Corey Maas.”