Dr. Maas discusses the “duck lip” phenomenon, and how to avoid the “duck lip” look to achieve a natural lip augmentation result. Learn more about San Francisco lip augmentation

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“I wanted to talk a little bit today about the reality show House Wife’s Lips or what often people called Duck Lips or fish lips and I really find that people are frightened when they come to me because they’ve seen these on television lips that look totally unnatural, in fact they all look kind of the same and unnatural at the same time and without identifying any particular shows or names. I think all of this know what this mean, we’ve probably all seen it in public and the truth is that when it’s done correctly lip enhancement or augmentation with injectable fillers can be totally natural and people don’t even know you’ve have it done. It really should be taking the natural shape and boundaries of the lip and enhancing them, we ultimately want a nice diamond shape lip and when I say diamond I mean the overall shape of the lip from the top part of the red lip down to the lower lip should be a diamond not a rectangle which happens as we age. I think those are important concepts to understand and by really looking for the best outcomes and not trying to just jam as much volume into the lips as we can get in there we keep a natural look, it is really makes lip look beautiful, much more enhanced and beautiful with lipstick and lip liner and the sort of subtle things that women do such a great job of and it’s not really just for women, we have a number of men who have lip volume issues they’ve thin, they’ve lip involutes and really just creating a little better lip boarder definition rolling lip outward I can give a natural look and naturally just about the artistry and the individual judgement of the surgeon or physician that’s doing the treatments. A lip augmentation is a really good procedure for many patients and it’s one that most patients feel really, really good about. It’s something that can be done probably not more often than once a year so it’s not a very costly procedure if you’re only doing that as a touch up and for most patients the recovery is pretty simple.

I do see some patients that get significant swelling we use any histamines if I see swelling or even steroids, a little bit of prednisone after the procedure, if we have more than expected swelling. Typically for my patient it’s swollen just a little bit overnight, not very much settled actually some people like the swelling, we can always add more filler if patients wants more augmentation but its starting slowly getting a nice result and making sure people are happy with it and most importantly have a natural look to their lips that we’re seeking. I think those are really key features in general. In the recovery afterward there’s really not many instructions, I tell people they’re lips are a little fuller, they may need to use a little bit of chopsticks or some aqua fore moisturizer for the lips, actually lipstick helps also to retain the moisture, you lose moisture when you have fuller lips, but kissing and things like that as long as it’s not done too aggressively are totally fine. People can eat and drink and do their normal activities after lip enhancement using fillers.

If you have any questions about lip enhancement, the procedure itself which I think will get documented on video you can see the treatment and how it’s done, performed and even see lots of before and after pictures. Please don’t hesitate to write us or go TheMaasClinic.com or write the questions to DrMaas.com. As always I’m very happy to help you keep looking your best, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM.”