Dr. Maas explains the best filler for lip augmentation, and potential costs involved. Ranges go from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the desired outcome and procedures required.

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“Common question I get we were talking a lot because we’re getting ready for the Opera and the Theater and the Ballet season here in San Francisco about Lip Enhancement and of course I’ve talked a lot about choices for lip. I think the Hyaluronins, the Restylane being probably the top choice closely followed in a second by Juvaderm and Belatero are the best options because they’re reversible, they’re adjustable and they’re really great products, they’re soft and natural when used properly.

Another big question is how much do these products caused or how much does this treatment cost which is much more important. The cost per syringe which a lot of people charge by the syringe I think that’s a little silly honestly because really you’re paying for the artistry, the skill and ultimately the outcome to make your lips look better. We have a standard charge for people who need minor intermediate or what we will call Significant Lip enhancement and in some patients they’re not going to really be a good candidate for Significant Lip Advancement, if they’re thin lip. The range in cost can go for as low as a few hundred or $400 to $500 up to in the thousands depending on the someone wants to have a surgical lip enhancement along with fillers and I think or Laser Resurfacing to help to smooth the skin around the lips so there’s a great deal or variability depending on the desired outcome and how the product is used really is what it comes down to. There’s very little difference in the cost to the products themselves. So as I said before it’s really paying for the service, the artistry and the skill of the surgeon or dermatologist that’s providing the care. So I would say the cost is an important issue for many people it can be on the lower, very affordable and depending on your expectations to get a good result if you go to the properly trained and skilled person.

If you have any other questions about lip enhancement or augmentation, filler products that we use, please don’t hesitate to write @DrMaas.com or you can call our office at any time. Like it’s always our pleasure to discuss how we can keep you look in your best, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM.”